Who We Are

Changing Communities through Connection

Daring Ventures Initiative, Inc. exists to provide access to coaching, counseling, and education services at low cost to individuals, couples, families and community organizations that would not otherwise have access to positive coaching strategies, professional counseling services, or quality community health education.

Our mission is to improve community by reaching people with the good news of relational recovery, helping them choose connection over alienation, and healthy attachment over isolation.

We are a faith–based initiative driven by the belief that God created each person to enter into healthy relationship with Him and with others. We believe all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and are created to enjoy acceptance, belonging, and comfort in secure relationships. Our values include gratitude, excellence, hope, courage, creativity, and justice.

While we respect individual beliefs and cherish the freedom of each individual to practice spirituality according to his or her own conscience, we hold that God was in Christ seeking to reconcile the world, to bring healthy attachment to Himself and others. We do, however, also recognize the nature of abusive religious practices that entrap many in unhealthy relationships. So, we acknowledge abuses happening in all human institutions. We believe in freedom and that the primary message of the good news is the reality of freedom from all oppression.

We are a non–profit organization based in the State of Texas and granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS.